Hemp vs Marijuana: The Truth

Let’s all be honest for a moment and talk about the hemp versus marijuana debate and discuss the fact that it’s a whole bunch of BULLS**T! When the 2018 Agricultural Act (The Farm Bill) was being tossed around, long before it became law, the companies counting on it to pass also counted on people believing … More Hemp vs Marijuana: The Truth

Trauma: An everyday word with little comprehension

In the modern era, the word trauma is heard almost daily on the news, in the newspapers, on Social Media and in our daily conversations. We hear about PTSD, we discuss childhood traumas, adult traumas, and how we, as individuals have dealt with these issues; but in all reality, is there any true understanding as … More Trauma: An everyday word with little comprehension

Leo The Dog

My dog, Leo, loves running and there is no way I can keep up with the energy he wants to put out. Solution? Longboarding on my Dutchie Sk8 USA Longboard with an almost well trained pup. It is a nice 15 to 20 minute escape. Stay Safe out there, my friends. 🤟