Poshmark Closet

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a popular Reselling app.

On the app, you can sell clothes, luxury items, and home goods. In an exciting update, the platform now allows makeup! As for my closet, I have a very unique laid back style. I would consider my closet sliding scale of Goth Black Witchy Stoner Grandma vibe to “refuses to leave the 90s, betch”!

For orders placed in my Poshmark: I ship same day as long as the post office is open! Otherwise, I will the next day.♡

On the app and on the web, there are Offers and Bundles than can be made to save money on discounts and shipping costs. I always encourage shoppers to bundle and save! I love giving free shipping on orders over $35!

Thank you for learning a bit more about My Closet: The Witchy Wares!

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